[MARMAM] Whale watching data collection programs - response requested

Jooke Robbins jrobbins at coastalstudies.org
Sun Apr 19 07:35:47 PDT 2009

The Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission 
reviews whale watching activities world-wide, including associated 
data collection programs.  To facilitate that work, we are requesting 
the following basic information from organizations that collect or 
receive cetacean data from commercial platforms of opportunity.  We 
are attempting to keep this information current, so if you responded 
to this request in previous years please confirm that your 
information still applies in 2008.  In the future, we hope to have an 
on-line interface that will allow you to keep your own information up-to-date.

1) Name of scientific organization
2) Location in which data were collected
3) Years of study
4) Cetacean species studied
5) Type of commercial opportunistic platform used: a) whale watching 
vessel, b) ferry, c) fishing vessel, d) other-please specify.
6) Type(s) of data collected (list any that apply): a) cetacean 
sighting data, b) survey effort data, c) animal behavior, d), 
photo-ID, e) management oriented data  (fisheries interactions, ship 
strikes, harassment), f) scat/prey collection, g) environmental data
7) Category of person responsible for collecting the data:  a) 
captain, b) crew, c) naturalist, d) dedicated scientific observer, e) 
other--please specify.
8) Were data contributed to another archive (such as an oceanic 
catalog)?  If so, please indicate which one.
9) Will this data collection program continue in 2009?

Please e-mail your response as soon as possible and no later than 
April 30, 2009.  Responses should be addressed to Jooke Robbins 
<jrobbins at coastalstudies.org>.


Jooke Robbins, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies 

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