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Dear Marmamers:

A short note on the movement of a male killer whale along the southeastern
coast of Brazil was recently published. Find complete reference and abstract
Requests through the e-mail: sotalia at gmail.com.

Santos, M. C. de O. & da Silva, E. 2009. Records of a male killer whale
(Orcinus orca) off southeastern Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography,
57(1): 65-68.

ABSTRACT: Killer whales (Orcinus orca) are found in all oceans, but are
generally most commonly observed in coastal, temperate waters, especially in
areas of high productivity. In the Western South Atlantic, long-term studies
on killer whales have been conducted mainly off northern Patagonia,
Argentina. The species is poorly known on the Brazilian coast where
strandings and opportunistic sightings are the main sources of information.
We report four sightings of a male killer whale identified through notches
along its dorsal fin from 2005 and 2008, presenting the first observation on
a long-distance movement (ca. 550km ) along the southeastern coast of

Marcos C.


Dr Marcos César de Oliveira Santos

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