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William Perrin William.Perrin at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 15 16:24:07 PDT 2009

A new website World Cetacea Database is now up and running at 
www.marinespecies.org/cetacea. It is primarily a taxonomic facility, but 
some information on biology, distribution, etc. is included. Coverage is 
limited to the living species, although one of them, the baiji or 
Yangtze river dolphin is possibly now extinct. Coverage of taxa includes 
families, genera, subgenera, species and subspecies. Names covered 
include junior synonyms, unjustified emendations, suppressed names, 
misspellings and other non-operative names; this is to help deal with 
the older literature. The core of the World Cetacea Database (WCD) is 
derived from the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS).  Sources for 
the WCD include numerous taxonomic references (Mead and Brownell in 
Wilson and Reeder's Mammal Species of the World; Jefferson et al.'s 
Marine Mammals of the World, Rice's Marine Mammals of the World, 
Hershkovitz' Catalog of Living Whales, Perrin et al.'s Encyclopedia of 
Marine Mammals, and others). It will be updated as changes occur and new 
taxa are described. The major sections of the database are Synonyms, 
Sources, Child Taxa [e.g., subspecies], Vernacular Names, Distribution, 
Habitat, Notes and Images. The vernacular names include obsolete names, 
again to help with the older literature.

Please let me know of any omissions, typos, or errors you encounter. I'm 
also happy to review and discuss other issues, such as synonymies, 
controversial taxonomic assignments, or broader classification questions 
and to initiate changes if they are warranted. All inquiries and 
discussion will be evaluated promptly but critically and if deemed 
reasonable included quickly into the database.  Additional vernacular 
names that you may know about are welcome (please specify the language 
they are in); we have a lot for Europe and the Americas but not many for 
other parts of the world. Some of the notes, images and other details 
are inherited from previous entries in the core database and are here a 
work in progress; comments and corrections are welcome. We also need 
good photographic images for most of the species; these should be 
submitted as jpg files (_<_50mb).

Happy surfing.

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