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Cristiane Cavalcante de Albuquerque Martins crislua_2000 at yahoo.com.br
Tue Apr 14 15:01:09 PDT 2009

Field Assistant Opportunity:

2 field assistants are needed for fieldwork for a PhD student's dissertation from the Complex System Laboratory (Université de Montréal).
Fieldwork involves baleen whales behaviour data collection from a land-based station at the Saint Lawrence estuary, Quebec (Canada). 

The field season will run for 2 months, August and September.  Assistants will be expected to work 6 days per week, for up to 10 hours at a time. 
Black flies are often present. Days off are usually taken in raining days.

Prior experience working on cetaceans and land-based observations is preferred but not required. Those with no experience should demonstrate
their willingness to learn. Familiarity with spreadsheet software; positive and flexible work ethic, and enthusiasm are essential.

This is not a paid position. Assistants will have housing and breakfast (arranged with a Hostel next to the observation site). Assistants will need to pay for their plane tickets to Montreal or Quebec. 

Priority will be given to applicants who can stay for the duration - a minimum commitment of one month is required.

Please send an email to albuquerquecris at gmail.com with a motivation letter and a CV before May 1st.

Be specific about how much time you can commit to.


Cristiane C. de Albuquerque Martins

Candidat au doctorat/Ph.D. candidate
Laboratoire sur les systèmes complexes/
Complex systems laboratory
Université de Montréal
Département de Géographie
520 chemin côte Ste-Catherine
Montréal (QC), Canada
H2V 2B8
Tél.: (514) 343-8064

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