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CIRCE Philippe Verborgh philippeverborgh at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 8 04:14:43 PDT 2009

Dear MARMAMers,

The research group CIRCE (http://www.circe-asso.org) is looking for research assistant
to help with our research project on 7 cetacean species. CIRCE has been
studying the cetaceans of the Strait of Gibraltar for the last
10 years and has already gained a lot of knowledge on the cetaceans of the
Strait. It is a fantastic place to study cetaceans since 4 species (long-finned
pilot whales, bottlenose, common and striped dolphins) are resident all year round
and are using the same area so they are easy to find. Then during spring-summer
killer whales and sperm whales are coming to feed in the area while fin whales
are migrating through the Strait. We are offering you an opportunity to spend
12 days (or more) with our team of experts in the field and our research centre
to learn all about the cetacean of the Strait, the methodologies to study them
(photo-ID, biopsy, distribution,…), the latest results from our studies and how
does it contribute to their conservation. No previous knowledge about cetacean
is required as we adapt our presentations and tasks in function of the level of
knowledge of the participants. However a good mood and enthusiasm is always
You will find all the information about dates, what is included in the
price etc. on our website:
Our publications can also be found on our website:
For more information you can contact us at:
philippe at circe-asso.org
 Philippe VERBORGH
CIRCE (Conservation, Information and Research on Cetaceans)
C/ Cabeza de Manzaneda, 3
11390 Pelayo-Algeciras
philippe at circe-asso.org
+34 676745876

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