[MARMAM] 2nd Announcement: 4th DCL Workshop and 1st DE Workshop, University of Pavia, September 2009

Gianni Pavan gianni.pavan at unipv.it
Fri Apr 3 02:43:43 PDT 2009

Università degli Studi di Pavia, Centro 
Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali

2nd Announcement

September 2009, 10 - 12 :
4th International Workshop on Detection, 
Classification and Localization of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics

The purpose of the workshop is to present current 
research on the detection, classification and 
localization of marine mammals using passive 
acoustics. Researchers are invited to present 
their scientific work, to detail the advantages 
and drawbacks of the methods they use, and to 
show their recent results.  The workshop 
encourages an interdisciplinary approach oriented 
at solving real-world problems related to the 
study of marine mammals and the effect of 
anthropogenic sound on their behavior.
Topics extend beyond passive acoustics to other 
relevant areas of research that directly relate 
with the main topic. To encourage researchers to 
focus on a common topic and to directly evaluate 
and compare different approaches and solutions, a 
common sound dataset is available online. Visit 
the Workshops' web page to get the link.

September 2009, 13 :     Linked Workshop:
1st International Workshop on Density Estimation 
of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics

This one-day workshop will bring together 
researchers working on estimating absolute 
density or abundance of marine mammal populations 
using passive acoustics. Both towed and fixed 
platforms are included. The workshop will 
commence immediately after the DCL workshop. The 
workshop will begin with a tutorial overview of 
the area, followed by contributed oral and poster 
presentations showcasing relevant research.  Time 
will be set aside for open 
discussion.  Scientists with relevant research in 
this area are invited to submit their results for 
presentation in oral or poster form.

Having these workshops organized together is 
particularly topical given the emerging interest 
and need for processing acoustic monitoring data 
into meaningful population statistics to be used 
for science, management and conservation.

Deadlines & Important Dates

May 1, 2009: Registration and Abstract submission 
opening (registration form and prices will be available soon)
June 1: Deadline for abstract submission
June 15: Notification of Acceptance
June 22: Deadline for Registration, Payment and Accomodation Booking

September 30: Deadline for presenting full papers 
for the Proceedings (details will be available soon)

September 9: 17 PM, Registration opening and welcome buffet
September 10 to 12: DCL Workshop
September 12, afternoon: Technical discussion, 
Round Table and introduction to DE Workshop
September 13: Density Estimation Workshop

A web page dedicated to the workshops is 
available on the CIBRA website at 

A short presentation of the workshop can be 
downloaded here: 

For any information please write to gianni.pavan at unipv.it

Scientific Committee
Gianni Pavan (Univ. of Pavia, Italy); Walter 
Zimmer (NURC, Italy); David Moretti (NUWC, US); 
Bob Gisiner (MMC, US); John Potter (Acoustic 
Research Laboratory, Tropical Marine Science 
Institute, National University of Singapore); 
Olivier Adam (NAMC, Paris University, France); 
Len Thomas (Univ St Andrews, Scotland; convenor of the DE workshop).

Organizing Committee
Gianni Pavan, CIBRA (DCL Workshop); Len Thomas, StAndrews (DE Workshop)

Gianni Pavan
Presidente CIBRA
Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali
Dipartimento di Biologia Animale, Universita' degli Studi di Pavia
Via Taramelli 24, 27100 PAVIA, ITALIA
Phone       +39-0382-987874    Fax +39-02-700-32921
Email     gpavan at cibra.unipv.it, gianni.pavan at unipv.it
Web       http://www.unipv.it/cibra     http://mammiferimarini.unipv.it
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