[MARMAM] Common seal in the Mediterranean Sea

CRAM - VET vet at cram.org
Fri Sep 26 06:17:38 PDT 2008

To whom it may concern,
My name is Beatriz González and I am one of the vets responsible for the rehabilitation centre of marine animals of Barcelona (CRAM Foundation, Spain). We have worked on the rescue and medical care of any stranding animal found on Catalonian coasts for 15 years. On this time we have been many unusual things, but last weekend we found a common seal on our shore. As you may know, these pinnipeds live in much colder waters. This is an exceptional event and have thought on your publication to let every experts know about it and, maybe, be able to find any explanation to it.
I attach the file refering to the event with this email. If there is any problem with it or you have any query, please do not have hesitate to contact me.
Thank you. 
Yours faithfully,
Beatriz González Melcón
Veterinary Surgeon
CRAM Foundation
www.cram.org <http://www.cram.org> 
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