[MARMAM] New Marine Mammal Radiology Website

sophie dennison sophvet at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 22 16:41:24 PDT 2008

Dear Marmam subscribers - 

I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of new website: www.marinemammalradiology.com. The website is designed to disseminate information regarding marine mammal diagnostic imaging studies including the types of studies available and examples of normal anatomy and disease processes from different marine mammal species. The website is currently in the early stages with primarily pinniped normal and abnormal anatomy per radiography, CT and MRI, but will be expanded as more data becomes available. The current website material has been reviewed by a number of marine mammal specialists, and it is following their encouragement that I now announce its existence to the Marmam community.

Anyone is welcome to contribute high quality, diagnostic imaging data should they wish. Full acknowledgment will be provided for studies used on the website, however no guarantees can be given that data submitted will be included.

I hope you enjoy the website! 


Sophie Dennison BVM&S
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