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MARMAM folks, http://www.citizendium.org is something some of you may  
be interested in
participating in.  In short, it is a rapidly-budding project that  
aims to be a refereed Wikipedia .

Gerald A. Sanger
Research Wildlife Biologist (Ret.)
Anchorage, Alaska
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Begin forwarded message:

> Wiki Encyclopedia Invites Biologists to a Weeklong Open House
> International Cyberspace — September 19 — Biology Week, an online
> "open house" for biologists, biology students, and anyone else
> interested, begins September 22 on Citizendium (http://
> www.citizendium.org/), the next-generation wiki encyclopedia
> started by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger.
> During the week, biologists and anyone interested in the topic are
> invited test out the Citizendium system. Editors and authors from
> the project's Biology Workgroup will be on hand to meet and greet
> new people on the wiki. "I strongly believe that the Citizendium
> system will be appealing to many scientists and scholars," said
> Sanger. "Many of them just need to give it a try. Biology Week is
> an excuse for biologists to try out the system together."
> Biology is one of the more active areas in the Citizendium, with
> nearly 1,000 articles in progress. Unlike the Encyclopedia of Life,
> the project is a wiki and benefits from strong collaboration; for
> an example of the success of the system, biologists might want to
> see the article "Life" (http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Life).
> Dr. Gareth Leng, Professor of Experimental Physiology at the
> University of Edinburgh, and Citizendium author and editor,
> described the project: "Our role will not be to tell readers what
> opinions they should hold, but to give them the means to decide,
> rationally, for themselves. The role of experts is critical—not to
> impose opinions, but to support accuracy in reporting and citing
> information."
> The Citizendium, or "citizens' compendium," uses the same software
> as Wikipedia. It is a successful public-expert hybrid project to
> produce a general reference resource. The community encourages
> general public participation, but makes a low-key, guiding role for
> experts. It also requires real names and asks contributors to sign
> a "social contract."
> As a result, the project is vandalism-free and, despite its youth
> (its public launch was just 18 months ago), has steadily added over
> 8,000 articles, many of them of fine quality.
> Citizendium website: http://www.citizendium.org/
> Biology Week homepage: http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/CZ:Biology_Week
> "Life" (sample article): http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Life
> Prof. Supten Sarbadhikari (Biology Week coordinator)
> Founding Chair of Biomedical Informatics
> PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
> Coimbatore, India
> supten at gmail.com
> http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/User:Supten_Sarbadhikari
> Dr. Daniel Mietchen (Biology Week coordinator)
> Structural Brain Mapping Group
> Department of Psychiatry
> University of Jena
> daniel.mietchen at googlemail.com
> http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/User:Daniel_Mietchen
> Dr. Larry Sanger
> Editor-in-Chief, Citizendium; co-founder of Wikipedia
> Executive Director, WatchKnow (to launch soon)
> sanger at citizendium.org
> http://www.larrysanger.org/
> This press release may be found at http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/
> CZ:Citizendium_Press_Releases/Sept192008

Cell: 907-242-0637

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