[MARMAM] from density dependence (1935) to regulation (who?)

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Dear colleagues


Thanks a lot for making the paper by Smith (1935) accessible to me, which
was in turn requested by a good number of MARMAM users.


Once I have been able to pin down the concept of density dependence (in fact
sensu density-dependent mortality factors), I am now tracking the original
definition of the concept of regulation in the context of population
dynamics where it refers to population size self-adjustment, where density
dependence might [I am not sure yet] represent the otherwise called return
tendency, i.e. mortality rates increasing and birth rates decreasing as
population size increases. This is much harder a task since regulation is
quite a rather general, easy-to-use term.


The theory of population regulation seems to be attributed to Alexander John
Nicholson (see Turchin 2003, p. 5, and others), and in fact the origin of
the (still debated, see White 2008) regulation versus limitation controversy
is most commonly associated with the exchange of ideas between Nicholson and
Herbert Andrewartha at the Cold Spring Harbour Symposium in the 1950’s. I
have been able to track two of Nicholson’s seminal publications (Nicholson
1933, 1954), but funnily enough although Nicholson does use the term, no
definition is provided.


I have a double request if you can possibly help.

1.- Whether you can point me to a proper reference where I can find or
pursue the original definition of regulation.

2.- Whether you have access to the following three old references:

Andrewartha 1957. The use of conceptual models in population ecology.  Cold
Spring Harbor Symposium of Quantitative Biology 22, 219-232.

Nicholson 1957. The self-adjustment of populations to change. Cold Spring
Harbor Symposium of Quantitative Biology 22, 153-173.

Nicholson and Bailey 1935. The balance of animal populations. Proceedings of
the Zoological Society of London 3, 551-598.


Many thanks



Nicholson, A. J. 1933. The balance of animal populations. Journal of Animal
Ecology 2, 132-178.

Nicholson, A. J. 1954. An outline of the dynamics of animal populations.
Australian Journal of Zoology 2, 9-65.

Turchin, P. 2003. Complex population dynamics: a theoretical empirical
synthesis. Princeton University Press.

White, T.C.R. 2008.The role of food, weather and climate in limiting the
abundance of animals. Biological Review83, 227–248.



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Dear colleagues,


I am currently working on a manuscript on density-dependence (DD) detection
across taxa. I have been unable to find at my university and from colleagues
nearby the old paper by Smith (1935) in which the term DD is used for the
first time to define the population regulation negative feedbacks, i.e.
Smith 1935. The role of biotic factors in the determination of population
densities. Journal of Economic Entomology 28, 873-898.  


If you had it available, I would very much appreciate a pdf copy of this old
reference. Many thanks for your time on this request,
<mailto:salvador.herrando-perez at adelaide.edu.au> Salva


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