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Orca film in major Japanese film festival
Just to let you know that our film,“ Saving Luna,” a feature documentary  
that leaves audiences in love with an orca, has been selected for screening at  
the Tokyo International Film Festival, October 18-26. It's among 27 films in 
the  big festival's “natural TIFF” section, which showcases 10 new and 27 
classic  environmental films. It's the only film included that directly covers  
We're keenly aware of the fight over Japanese whaling activities, and we  
believe that the decision to show “Saving Luna” by this major festival adds to  
considerable other evidence that there's significant openness in Japan to  
friendlier ways of thinking about cetaceans. The festival is making a big deal  
about its emphasis on bringing green awareness to its audiences and this helps  
show that its commitment to fresh ways of thinking about the human 
relationship  to land and sea is genuine.
"Saving Luna" is the story of L-98, a young solitary sociable orca  nicknamed 
Luna, who was separated from his Southern Resident pod in Vancouver  Island's 
Nootka Sound and tried to establish social relationships  with humans. The 
story describes efforts to keep Luna and people  apart; a drama that developed 
when a First Nations band, which believed he was a  reincarnated chief, decided 
to try to prevent him from being captured and  relocated closer to his pod; 
and what happened after that. It touches on  such subjects as animal 
consciousness, human responsibility toward animals, the  whole question of how to cope 
with solitary sociable cetaceans, and the  human difficulty in resolving all 
those issues. "Saving Luna" has won a number  of awards in festivals over the 
past year.
For those who are curious, “Saving Luna” is scheduled for theatrical  
release later this year, and television broadcasts sometime thereafter. We'll  let 
you know.
Suzanne Chisholm and Michael Parfit, directors, “Saving Luna”

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