[MARMAM] density dependence first use - Smith 1935 paper

Salvador Herrando-Perez salvador.herrando-perez at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Sep 16 17:35:51 PDT 2008

Dear colleagues,


I am currently working on a manuscript on density-dependence (DD) detection
across taxa. I have been unable to find at my university and from colleagues
nearby the old paper by Smith (1935) in which the term DD is used for the
first time to define the population regulation negative feedbacks, i.e.
Smith 1935. The role of biotic factors in the determination of population
densities. Journal of Economic Entomology 28, 873-898.  


If you had it available, I would very much appreciate a pdf copy of this old
reference. Many thanks for your time on this request,
<mailto:salvador.herrando-perez at adelaide.edu.au> Salva


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