[MARMAM] Message for Posting: NAVFAC NW Natural Resources Vacancy Announcement (2 positions)

Burt, Amy E CIV NAVFAC NW, EV1 amy.burt at navy.mil
Tue Oct 28 08:36:48 PDT 2008

A recruitment announcement for two GS-12 Natural Resources Specialist
vacancies at Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Northwest in
Silverdale, Washington is opening today (GS-0401-12 or GS-1301-12.)  If
you are interested in a position here, recommend you follow and apply
directly via the below link for this announcement.  

Job Announcement Number: NW8-XXXX-12-QK077628-DE Job Announcement Title:

Please ensure your resume includes sufficient information to
demonstrates your experience, knowledge, skills, training, and/or
education in the following: 

1. Knowledge of environmental/natural resource legislation such as the
Federal Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Water Act, Endangered
Species Act, or Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). (Describe your
experience researching, providing guidance, or interpreting
environmental or natural resource legislation for project planning
studies, documents or reports, or customers.) 

2. Ability to write environmental planning or natural resource
documents. (Describe your experience writing or preparing documents such
as Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), natural resources management
plans, or Biological Evaluations.) 

3. Knowledge of facilities' construction and planning requirements.
(Describe your experience with facilities, industrial, or community
planning construction projects evaluating planning criteria, siting
studies, or statements of work to assess environmental impact and/or
compliance with environmental or natural resource legislation and

We are looking for applicants with a variety of experience and knowledge
to fill these positions.  The new hires will work on various types of
projects throughout the Northwest region.  These vacancies are open to
the public, applicants DO NOT have to be current federal employees.
Generally, for our vacancies, a longer resume that fully addresses all
specialized experience elements is highly recommended over a short

Any questions, please contact Amy Burt, NAVFAC NW Environmental Planner,
at amy.burt at navy.mil.

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