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Simone Panigada panigada at inwind.it
Mon Oct 27 03:34:49 PDT 2008

Dear colleagues,

I am proud to announce that the new European Cetacean Society web 
page is now on-line after some major revisions at: 

The new template was presented last your during the 2008 Annual 
meeting of the ECS and amongst the new facilities there is now an 
on-line interface to register for the annual Conference, to renew the 
annual membership and to submit abstracts. We are also implementing 
on-line abstract review, which will be operative soon. The site has 
been designed and implemented by Luke Verburgt, who I wish to thank 
for all his work and help during this process.

On behalf of the whole ECS Council, I would also like to take this 
opportunity for publicly warmly thanking Jan Willem Broekema for all 
his work, dedication and commitment within the ECS web page and all 
computer-related issues since its birth in 1987. The following text 
comes from the ECS web page and briefly explains some of the tasks 
that Jan Willem has covered throughout the years.

 From 1987 until 1993, the European Cetacean Society had a working 
group, chaired by Jan Willem Broekema, on computer-related issues 
associated with the exchange of strandings and sightings data. This 
Computer Working Group may seem superfluous today but it wasn't at 
the time. The ECS was introduced to internet by the European Union in 
the pre-web days of 1992, shortly before the web (HTML) concept and 
the browser (Mosaic) were invented in 1993. At the time the European 
Cetacean Society was a Special Interest Group (SIG) within a major 
EUreka project, introducing international scholars to internet usage. 
Our ECS mailing lists have existed ever since those days.

The working group was dissolved and the role of web editor was 
introduced in 1993, when the first ECS pages were set up. The 
original site was designed to be very fast and light and available to 
any browser anywhere, and easy to maintain. Frames were introduced in 
2003 and a major overhaul created a new set of mailing lists, of 
which ECS-Talk is the most prominent. In 2003 Jan Willem shortened 
the site's address to 
<http://www.broekemaweb.nl/ecs>www.broekemaweb.nl/ecs and in 2006 
introduced and registered the domain name 

I look forward to seeing many of you at the next annual meeting of 
the ECS in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 2-4 2009 (http://www.tudav.org/ecs2009/).

With my best regards,

Simone Panigada
ECS, Chair  
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