[MARMAM] Jetskis and dolphins

Angie Gullan angie at dolphin-encountours.co.za
Thu Oct 23 01:22:00 PDT 2008

Dear Marman Readers

Greetings from Mozambique. We are looking for any papers that will  
assist us in our work to limit jetki's (small power craft) in  
Mozambiquan waters where marine mammals are resident.
I have in the past read that the frequency of theses craft interfere  
with marine mammals echo frequency causing disorientation and stress.
Any assistance in this regard would be appreciated.

For the Love of Dolphins
Angie Gullan
Research and Conservation
angie at dolphincare.org
+00258 84 330-3859

BOOKINGS:- info at dolphin-encountours.co.za
+27 11 462-8103

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Please note that Cetacea Charters Lda t/a Dolphin Encountours and  
DolphinCare-Africa publicly disassociates from any and all dolphin  
swim programs, activities, holistic programs, tours & operations in  
Southern Mozambique that are not specifically listed on the  
organizations' websites. Dolphin Encountours &  Dolphin Care Africa   
work in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in Maputo and  
have the appropriate transport license & authority to undertake  
marine mammal tourism in southern Mozambique.

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