[MARMAM] Vaquita Footage and Photos

Christopher Johnson christophe.johnson at mac.com
Thu Oct 23 13:28:52 PDT 2008

Dear Marmam readers,

As part of our new series entitled WHALE TRACKERS, we are currently  
documenting "Expedition Vaquita" in the northern gulf of california  
mexico with the various scientists from Instituto Nacional de Ecología  
in Ensenada (INE) and NOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

The other day, we had our first encounters with Vaquita.  We have  
posted some selected footage and photographs of the sighting.


cheers, Chris

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	through exploration and education.

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	A series exploring whales,dolphins and porpoises around the world.

Board of Directors - Filmmakers for Conservation

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