[MARMAM] Request for literature/information on Marine Mammal interaction with submarine cables/electromagnetic fields

Katharine Savage katharine.savage at noaa.gov
Fri Oct 17 08:31:02 PDT 2008

    With the current need for alternative energy sources, we are 
starting to assess a number of pilot projects dealing with 
hydrokinetic/tidal energy. These projects involve either buried or free 
submarine cables and I am finding there's a dearth of information 
regarding marine mammal interactions with cable systems, e.g. 
entanglements, or potential effects of electromagnetic fields. I do have 
a document by Norman and Lopez (2002) and various articles on wind farm 
issues, but was wondering if anyone is aware of further information. I 
have accessed the various databases in NOAA's Seattle library, and, of 
course,Google Scholar without much success. If anyone can recommend 
other specific sources to check, that would be great as well.
Thank you,
Kate Savage
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