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Christopher Johnson christophe.johnson at mac.com
Tue Oct 14 11:45:54 PDT 2008

Dear Marmam Readers,

I am pleased to announce two new educational media programs produced  
by earthOCEAN.
We recently launched a new website dedicated to sharing stories of the  
science of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world and  
highlight the people studying these animals in the wild – Whale  


The programs include -

1.) “The Search for the Desert Porpoise” -
           An online documentary film and behind the scenes blog from  
the field documenting the Vaquita.

In October and November 2008, we follow international scientists on  
expedition in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico in their search  
to study the Vaquita – the desert porpoise.  We follow this unique  
collaborative effort between the Instituto Nacional de Ecologia in  
Ensenada, Mexico (INE) and NOAA Fisheries - Southwest Fisheries  
Science Center in La Jolla, CA to implement long-term strategies to  
help save this population of 150 animals from extinction.  We will  
meet the people living and working in local communities while  
discovering more about the planned conservation efforts for the region  
by the Mexican government.

In early December, we will post a special 30 minute online documentary  
program in English and Spanish with educational materials for  
teachers. During the expedition, read the latest updates from the  
field and watch behind the scenes videos. Today, we posted interviews  
with research scientists Jonathan Gordon of the Sea Mammal Research  
Unit in Scotland and Jay Barlow of NOAA Fisheries - Southwest  
Fisheries Science Center.


2.)  The five-part documentary film series “Whales of the  
Mediterranean Sea” is now available with subtitles in 6 additional  

"Whales of the Mediterranean Sea" highlights the latest research into  
whales and dolphins as well as the heroic efforts to conserve them and  
their habitat in the Mediterranean.

In addition to English, the films are now available with subtitles in  
French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, German and Greek. The project to  
translate and implement the language versions was sponsored by WDCS -  
the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, and OceanCare, with the  
help of the other NGOs featured in the films including Oceana, Tethys  
Research Institute, Alnitak, Pelagos Research Institute and WWF.
We welcome the efforts of schools, local communities, scientists and  
NGOs interested in showing the videos to raise awareness about  
cetaceans in the Mediterranean. Groups can link to, and use the multi- 
lingual online materials or download high-resolution versions via  
iTunes (e.g., for use in classrooms).


cheers, Chris

Director - earthOCEAN media
	A production company uncovering stories of our natural world
	through exploration and education.

Filmmaker / Cinematographer - "Whale Trackers"
	A series exploring whales,dolphins and porpoises around the world.

Board of Directors - Filmmakers for Conservation

email:  	christophe.johnson at mac.com
		chris.johnson at whaletrackers.com
		cj at earthocean.tv
cell:  	+61 409-695-943 (australia)
skype:  	chris.earthocean

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