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Sat Oct 11 03:27:29 PDT 2008

Dear listers and colleagues,

WHO: I am a PhD student reviewing the concept of density dependent (DD) in
ecology, under supervision of Corey Bradshaw and Barry Brook at the University
of Adelaide (South Australia).

REQUEST: I am gathering an audience of respondents to a fairly simple
questionnaire dealing with regulation of population size and demographic density
dependent (DD) feedbacks. The results of the questionnaire will be incorporated
in a manuscript in which I am reviewing the use of DD across taxa and ecosystems
in the ecological literature (1980-present).

AIM: Given that many authors have stated that a main cause of the regulation
debate has been terminology, my goal is not to produce new definitions (which
would do nothing but add more unnecessary rhetoric to the debate), but to assess
the degree of consensus in the conceptualization of DD and of related terms.

QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN: a list of closed questions on 4 topics. It should take you
not more than 20 min. to complete. 

HOW: If you are interested in
filling the
questionnaire, please send me an e-mail (to me not to the list). Questionnaires
will be distributed next week and would need to be completed within 1 week from

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please the survey is directed to people who have some
empirical/theoretical experience in demographic studies and is aware of the
regulation/limitation paradigms as initiated by John Nicholson versus Herbert
Andrewartha in the 1930’s or followed by authors like Alan Berryman, Charles
Krebs, Robert May, Anthony Sinclair or Peter Turchin in the last two decades.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and many thanks for your time on this

Sincerely, Salva

Salvador Herrando-Pérez 
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
of Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia
Office phone: +61 8 8303 5254 / Office
fax: +61 8
8303 4347 / Mobile phone: +61 406049010

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