[MARMAM] Pilot whale stranding in Utila, Honduras

Edita Magileviciute edita at utilaecology.org
Wed Oct 8 02:01:13 PDT 2008

Dear MarMams,

On the 6th of October, 2008 five pilot whales were found stranded on the
east coast of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. At a time of discovery all
animals were dead. Local veterinarian was trying to do post-mortem
examination but the sea conditions make it difficult. Thus, the cause of
the stranding is still unknown.
It is the second cetacean stranding on this small island of Honduran
Caribbean this year. In January two Cuvier's beaked whales were found
on the south coast of the island.
For more information on the pilot whale stranding please contact
Dr. Steve Box (Utila Centre for Marine Ecology) at: steve at utilaecology.org

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