[MARMAM] New book on Scottish whaling history and whale stock development

Klaus Barthelmess barthval at t-online.de
Sat Nov 29 02:38:48 PST 2008

Dear colleagues,

Pleased to announce the volume of proceedings of a fine conference held in
Tarbert, Hebrides, Scotland, last year:

Whaling and the Hebrides. The history of island whalers in the South
Atlantic and whaling in and around the Hebrides. The Proceedings of a
three-day conference held in Harris, 16th – 18th August 2007.
Kershader, Isle of Lewis: The Island Book Trust, 2008.
xii + 169 + [1] pp., 32 colour- & b/w plates, softcover.
ISBN 978-0-955542-04-6
Price 12 lbs
Order - with reference to this posting at MARMAM, please - from
sales at theislandbooktrust.com

Below please find the table of contents:

Randall, John: „Introduction and conclusion“, pp ix-xii
Archibald, Malcolm: „Farewell dear Scotia: Scottish arctic whalers“, pp 1-12
Cummings, George: „History of the Christian Salvesen Company“, pp 13-24
Murray, Jock: „Whaling memories“ pp 25-29
Love, John A.: „Whaling and wildlife in South Georgia today“, pp 31-49
Stevick, Peter T.: „The changing status and distribution of whales“, pp
Baldwin, John: „Subsistence whaling in the Western and Northern Isles of
Scotland“, pp 69-130
Olsen, Jústines: „The pilot whale drive hunt in the Faroe Islands“, pp
Sandberg, Ole R. „The pioneers at the whaling station at Bunavoneader, Isle
of Harris (1903-1920): Peter E.A. Herlofsen and his son Carl F. Herlofson“,
pp 149-153 
Alvestad, Sigrid: „Whaling from the shores of Scotland in the 20th century“,
pp 155-163 
Maclennan, Norman: „The Bunabhaineadar whaling station in West Loch
Tarbert“, pp 165-169

Greasy greetings

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