[MARMAM] Seal behaviour research: volunteers needed (Australia)

jbac at deakin.edu.au jbac at deakin.edu.au
Thu Nov 27 16:02:01 PST 2008

Seal Behaviour Research in Australia

Volunteers are needed to assist with fieldwork investigating the  
effects of tourism on Australian fur seals in January and February,  
2009.  Minimum time commitment is 7-10 days, but longer stays are  
possible.  Research is conducted on a small, uninhabited island in  
Bass Strait, which is home to Australian and New Zealand fur seals as  
well as Little penguins and many other sea bird species.  Food and  
tent will be provided; camp facilities are primitive.  Volunteers will  
assist with observations of seal behaviour.

Volunteers need to be in good health and fitness, have some experience  
camping and/or backpacking, have enthusiasm and patience, and be able  
to lift up to 50 lbs. as needed.  A background in biological sciences  
is preferred.

If interested, please email a brief resume to:
Julia Back
MSc Candidate, Australian-American Fulbright Scholar
Deakin Unviersity, Melbourne, Australia
jbac at deakin.edu.au

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