[MARMAM] cetaceans in Libya?

Ibrahim Benamr benamr_ibrahim at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 05:59:51 PST 2008

Dear all,
My name is Ibrahim Benamr, a marine biologist from Libya. I am gathering information about cetaceans in Libya in a prior step to a survey afterward. I would be very grateful if anyone could supply me with any information, ideas, clues about the eastern side of the country (Cyrnaica) in which the survey will take place.
Any information can be forwarded to my email: ibrahim_benamr at msn.com and thank you all in advance
All the best   
Ibrahim Benamr
MSc Marine and Fisheries Science
University of Aberdeen
Tel: (+44) 77 4843 0212
Lecturer in Omar Elmukhtar University / Libya
Tel: (+218) 92 436 5384
       (+218) 91 859 6751
P.O. box: 6961 Tripoli
E mail: Ibrahim_benamr at msn.com

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