[MARMAM] stable isotope ecology in Argentina

Luciano Valenzuela valenzuela at biology.utah.edu
Thu Nov 6 07:57:49 PST 2008

This e-mail is not exlusively about marine mammals but many researchers 
in this field have conducted or are interested on stable isotope analyses.

This is an invitation to subscribe to the new electronic list 
ISESECOL-AR (isotopes estables en ecologia Argentina – stable isotope 
ecology in Argentina), a discussion about the use of stable isotopes in 
ecological studies in Argentina.

This list was created with one general objective, to enhance 
communication among researchers interested in the use of stable isotopes 
in ecology in Argentina and further develop this field both in Argentina 
and South America in general.

Although the list was initiated by ecologists, we hope that researchers 
from other fields such as anthropology, archaeology, physiology and 
forensics will subscribe and find it useful as well.

We hope that ISESECOL-AR will be a great place for the exchange of ideas 
and information such as courses, meetings, funding sources, 
collaboration in research projects and access to specialized literature 
and laboratories conducting stable isotope analyses.

To subscribe send an e-mail to: isesecol-ar-subscribe at googlegroups.com

For more information about the list or about us, you can send and e-mail 
to: isesecol at gmail.com or contact us directly using our contact info below.


Luciana Riccialdelli and Luciano O. Valenzuela

Luciana Riccialdelli
Licenciada en Biología
Bernardo Houssay 200. CPV9410CAB
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Tel: (54) (2901) 422310 int. 149
lriccialdelli at gmail.com

Luciano O. Valenzuela
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Biology
University of Utah
257 South 1400 East
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112, USA
Phone: 1-801-587-3405
valenzuela at biology.utah.edu

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