[MARMAM] New Publication on Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling

Michael Tillman mftillman at mac.com
Mon Nov 3 18:55:23 PST 2008

This is to let you know that the following article was recently published in
a journal that is likely not familiar to many of you:

Tillman, M.F. 2008.  The international management of aboriginal whaling.  
Reviews in Fisheries Science 16(4): 437-44.

Abstract: Prior to the development of commercial whaling, several indigenous 
communities undertook hunts of whales to ful?ll their subsistence needs.  
Fortunately, the two international conventions that implemented the 
regulation of commercial whaling did not lose sight of the needs of these 
aboriginal communities.  How this was done, as well as the eventual evolution 
of the management of aboriginal whaling, is summarized in this review.  The 
record shows that, whether in terms of exempting these aboriginal hunts from 
required management actions or of setting precautionary catch limits for 
otherwise protected stocks, an overriding management principle has emerged 
wherein international managers have been willing to accept conservation risks 
for aboriginal hunts that they otherwise would not assume for commercial 
operations.  Although these risks were accepted, it was done at the cost to the 
aboriginal hunters of undertaking conservation measures often not applied to 
commercial hunts.  While it is not clear from the record whether this guiding 
principle arose explicitly or implicitly, it is nevertheless explicitly clear that it 
has been and continues to be applied, and successfully so, when considering 
the conservation of the affected stocks. 

Keywords: aboriginal whaling, conservation, depleted stocks, hunts, IWC, 
management, subsistence, whales 

If you desire reprints, please contact the journal.

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