[MARMAM] Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation in Marine Environments is now out!

Michael Luck michael.lueck at aut.ac.nz
Sun May 25 13:30:57 PDT 2008

Kia Ora!
I am excited to announce that the Encyclopedia of Tourism and
Recreation in Marine Environments (CABI) has now been published.

Overall Editor: Michael Lück (AUT University)
Editorial Advisory Board: Erlet Cater (University of Reading), David
Fennell (Brock University), Paul Forestell (Long Island University),
Ross Klein (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Marc L. Miller
(University of Washington), Mark Orams (Massey University at Albany)
850+ Contributions from ca. 170 authors
E-book available to libraries via Netlibrary (
http://www.netlibrary.com/Gateway.aspx ) and Ebrary (
http://shop.ebrary.com )E-book available to libraries via Netlibrary
( http://www.netlibrary.com/Gateway.aspx )E-book available to libraries
via Ebrary ( http://shop.ebrary.com )Readership
An essential reference tool for researchers and students in tourism,
recreation and leisure and marine science as well as practitioners in
the tourism industry. Main Description
Marine tourism has become one of the fastest growing areas within the
tourism industry. With the increased use of marine environments comes
the need for informed planning and sustainable management as well as for
the education and training of planners, managers and operators. 
Combining the disciplines of marine scientists and tourism researchers,
this encyclopedia will bring together the terms, concepts and theories
related to recreational and tourism activities in marine settings.
Entries range from short definitions to medium and long articles. 
The Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation can be ordered via the CABI
website (http://www.cabi.org/bk_BookDisplay.asp?PID=2069). The website
still lists the book as "not yet published", but it is indeed
Ka kite ano
Michael Lück, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Tourism Studies
Programme Leader, Postgraduate Tourism Programmes
School of Hospitality and Tourism
Faculty of Applied Humanities
AUT University
Private Bag 92006
Auckland, New Zealand
e-mail: mlueck at aut.ac.nz 
Phone: +64 9-921-9999 ext. 5833
Fax: +64 9-921 9962
Associate Director, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute NZTRI
http://www.tri.org.nz ( http://www.tri.org.nz/ )
Editor-in-Chief: Tourism in Marine Environments

Associate Editor: Journal of Ecotourism

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