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Dear all,

here are some new publications of week 17/ 2008,
which haven't been announced on MARMAM earlier AFAIK.

By clicking the following link you are guided to 
a website, where the following references are 
linked to their according journal homepages. 
There you can find abstracts and contact 

Please do not contact MARMAM, the MARMAM editors or me for reprints. Thank you.

Thanks to all of you who sent in reprints to be 
included in the weekly announcements.

Kindest Regards,
Jan Herrmann


Bröker, K.C., Arthur. and A. Ilangakoon (2008):
Occurrence and conservation needs of cetaceans in 
and around the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary, Sri 
Oryx 42(2): 286-291.

Foote, A.D., R.W. Osborne, and A.R. Hoelzel (2008):
Temporal and Contextual Patterns of Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Call
Type Production.
Ethology 114(6): 599-606.

Frère, C.H. et al. (2008):
Phylogenetic analysis of mtDNA sequences suggests 
revision of humpback dolphin (Sousa spp.) 
taxonomy is needed.
Marine and Freshwater Research 59(3): 259-268.

Josephson, E.A., T.D. Smith, and R.R. Reeves (2008):
Historical distribution of right whales in the North Pacific.
Fish and Fisheries 9(2): 155-168.

Palmé, A. et al. (2008):
Conservation genetics without knowing what to 
conserve: the case of the Baltic harbour porpoise 
Phocoena phocoena.
Oryx 42(2): 305-308.

Ward, T.J. (2008):
Barriers to biodiversity conservation in marine fishery certification.
Fish and Fisheries 9(2): 169-177.


Cameron, C.E. et al. (2008):
Detection of Pathogenic Leptospira in Pinniped Populations via PCR
Identifies a Source of Transmission for Zoonotic Leptospirosis in the
Marine Environment.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 46(5): 1728-1733.

Chinnadurai, S.K. et al. (2008):
Secondary Amyloidosis and Renal Failure in a 
Captive California Sea Lion (Zalophus 
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 39(2): 274-278.

Harr, K.E. et al. (2008):
Comparison of Blood Aminotransferase Methods for 
Assessment of Myopathy and Hepatopathy in Florida 
Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris).
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 39(2): 180-187.

McClenachan, L. and A.B. Cooper (2008):
Extinction rate, historical population structure 
and ecological role of the Caribbean monk seal.
Proc. Biol. Sci. 275(1641): 1351-1358.

Myers, M.J. et al. (2008):
Organochlorine contaminants in endangered Steller 
sea lion pups (Eumetopias jubatus) from western 
Alaska and the Russian Far East.
Science of the Total Environment 396(1): 60-69.

Mylniczenko, N.D., K.S. Kearns, and A.C. Melli (2008):
Diagnosis and Treatment of Sarcocystis neurona in 
a Captive Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina).
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 39(2): 228-235.

Pérez, W., H. Katz, and M. Lima (2008):
Gross heart anatomy of Arctocephalus australis (Zimmerman, 1783).
Anatomical Science International 83(1): 6-10.

van Polanen Petel, T.D., M.A. Giese, and M.A. Hindell (2008):
A preliminary investigation of the effect of 
repeated pedestrian approaches to Weddell seals 
(Leptonychotes weddellii).
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 112(1-2): 205-211.


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