[MARMAM] A new book about polar bears in Greenland, plus 2 newish books about other marine mammals

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Thu May 15 18:22:24 PDT 2008

Dear list, 
This is for those of you who may be interested in books about marine mammals in Greenland.
Senior scientist Erik Born, from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has written a book entitled “The White Bears of Greenland”.  The book is aimed at Greenlandic high school students, and gives an overview of how life is for polar bears. It describes the animal’s biology and concentrates on three factors which the bears are especially sensitive to: hunting, climate change and pollution. 
There are two other books of the same series that deal with marine mammals, written by scientists from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources: “The walrus in Greenland” (ISBN 8779752217), also by Erik Born and “Greenland’s Winter Whales, the Beluga, the Narwhal and the Bowhead Whale” (ISBN 8779753000), by Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen and Kristin Laidre. 
The books are edited by Illinniusiorfik and sponsored by Aage V. Jensens Fond. They can be purchased on-line from the Greenlandic bookstore Atuagkat:
There are English, Danish and Greenlandic language versions.
All Best,
Fernando Ugarte
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
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