[MARMAM] Dolphin research in Australia - volunteers needed!

Ina Ansmann i.ansmann at uq.edu.au
Wed May 14 20:42:54 PDT 2008

Hi all!


I'm looking for volunteers to help me with the field work for my PhD
project, studying bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay, Queensland,


The project investigates the foraging ecology and population structure
of the bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay. We will do boat surveys to
look for bottlenose as well as humpback dolphins, conduct behavioural
observations, take photographs of the animals for photo ID, and collect
biopsy samples for genetic analysis. 


I need field assistants from July to September 2008. A minimum
commitment of 1 month is expected but preference will be given to
applicants willing to stay the entire 3 month period. 

Previous field experience, especially driving boats and photographing
animals, would be great, but is not expected. An interest in marine
mammal research and a dedication to get up early and spend long hours
out on the water whenever the weather is good is a must! 

Unfortunately I'm not able to pay for travel and other expenses, but I
may be able to provide free accommodation (in Brisbane and at the
Moreton Bay Research Station on North Stradbroke Island). 


If you're interested please send an email with your CV to
i.ansmann at uq.edu.au






Ina Ansmann (PhD candidate)

Marine Vertebrate Ecology Research Group

School of Integrative Biology

The University of Queensland

St Lucia, QLD 4072


Phone: (+61) 7 3365 7523

Email: i.ansmann at uq.edu.au



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