[MARMAM] Publication series concerning killer whale predation

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Over the past ten years there has been considerable debate regarding the
role of killer whale predation on marine mammal declines in the North
Pacific.  The publication series is an excellent example of scientific
debate that should be of interest to both the scientific and
non-scientific communities.  The following list of publications provides
some of the key issues and the opportunity for comparative analysis. 
Seminar groups may find the series fodder for extended discussions.


Terrie M. Williams
williams at biology.ucsc.edu

1. Estes, J.A., Tinker, M.T., Williams, T.M., and Doak, D.F. (1998) 
Killer whale predation on sea otters linking oceanic and nearshore
ecosystems.  Science 282: 473-476.
Provides initial evidence regarding the potential impact of killer whale
predation on sea otter populations in the Aleutian Islands.

2.  Springer, A.M., Estes, J.A., van Vliet, G.B., Williams, T.M., Doak,
D.F., Danner, E.M., Forney, K.A., and Pfister, B. (2003)  Sequential
megafaunal collapse in the North Pacific Ocean: An ongoing legacy of
industrial whaling?  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
100(21): 12223-12228.
Suggests a mechanism that may have instigated changes in predation
pressure by killer whales.

3.  Williams, T.M., Estes, J.A., Doak, D.F., and Springer, A.M. (2004)
Killer appetites: Assessing the role of predators in ecological
communities. Ecology 85(12): 3373-3384.
Provides details on the energetic analysis and extends the predation
argument to Steller sea lions.

4. A side-by-side debate hosted by the Society of Marine Mammalogy
culminated in the following articles, which were to be published as a
point-counterpoint series in Marine Mammal Science.

Trites, A.W., Deecke, V.B., Gregr, E.J., Ford, J.K.B., and Olesiuk, P.F.
(2007)  Killer whales, whaling, and sequential megafaunal collapse in the
North Pacific: A comparative analysis of the dynamics of marine mammals in
Alaska and British Columbia following commercial whaling.  Marine Mammal
Science 23(4): 751–765.

Wade, P.R. and 22 others (2007)  Killer whales and marine mammal trends in
the North Pacific – a re-examination of evidence for sequential megafaunal
collapse and the prey switching hypothesis.  Marine Mammal Science 23(4):

Springer, A.M., Estes, J.A., vanVliet, G.B., Williams, T.M, Doak, D.F.,
Danner, E.M., and Pfister, B. (2008)  Mammal-eating killer whales,
industrial whaling, and the sequential megafaunal collapse in the North
Pacific Ocean: A reply to critics of Springer et al. 2003. Marine Mammal
Science 24(2): 414–442.

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