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Jennifer Miksis-Olds jlm91 at psu.edu
Wed May 7 11:55:38 PDT 2008

I currently have funds to support a graduate student at the Pennsylvania
State University for work on marine ecosystem acoustics, ranging from marine
mammals to plankton. Funding will support a masters student (with the
potential of transitioning into the PhD program) through either the Graduate
Program in Acoustics (College of Engineering) or through The Wildlife and
Fisheries Program (School of Forestry). Applicants should apply to the
program which best matches their academic background and research interests.
Qualified applicants will have completed courses in calculus, physics, and
have an interest in animal behavior.  Animal bioacoustics is an
inter-disciplinary field, and applicants with diverse backgrounds will be
considered.  Responsibilities pertaining to the graduate research
assistantship include, but are not limited to: analysis of passive acoustic
data, analysis of acoustic backscatter from an active acoustic system,
identification of zooplankton and fish relating to acoustic backscatter
data, field work, etc.  Signal processing knowledge is desirable, but not


Please send a current CV and unofficial transcript directly to me at
jlm91 at psu.edu for consideration.  The formal application process can also be
initiated through the program of choice. 


Jennifer Miksis-Olds  




Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Ph.D.

Applied Research Laboratory

The Pennsylvania State University

PO Box 30

State College, PA 16804

(814) 865-9318

jlm91 at psu.edu


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