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Apologies to those of you on both listserves, since you will receive cross-postings. The following are the contents and abstracts for the most recent issue of Aquatic Mammals. This journal was established by the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) in 1974. The EAAM, Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums, and International Marine Animal Trainer's Association sponsor the journal. Aquatic Mammals accepts a wide variety of papers on the care, conservation, medicine, and science of marine mammals.  Dr. Jeanette Thomas of Western Illinois University is the editor and Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski of Mystic Aquarium is the co-editor. These abstracts are posted as a courtesy to the Marmam editors and the sponsoring societies, as well as the managing editor of Aquatic Mammals. For more information on the journal, please follow the link: http://www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org/
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Southall, B.L., A.E. Bowles, W.T. Ellison, J.J. Finneran, R.L. Gentry, C.R. Greene, Jr., D. Kastak, D.R. Ketten, J.H. Miller, P.E. Nachtigall, W.J. Richardson, J.A. Thomas, and P.L. Tyack. 2007. Marine mammal noise exposure criteria: Initial scientific recommendations. Aquatic Mammals 33(4):411-521.
No abstracts or summary information is available, though the table of contents follows. 
This paper proposes, for various marine mammal groups and sound types, levels above which there is a scientific basis for expecting that exposure would cause auditory injury to occur.  Recommended high priority categories of research include:  (1) continued expansion of knowledge on basic marine mammal hearing capabilities, including sound localization, the detection of realistic sound signals, communication masking, and auditory “scene analysis”; (2) continued expansion of knowledge on baseline marine mammal behavioral patterns; (3) well-controlled, direct measurements (using appropriate, standardized acoustic metrics) of the effects of sound exposure on marine mammal hearing, behavior, and physiology; and (4) risk-assessment studies of the cumulative and synergistic effects of noise and other exposure(2) on individuals and populations.
Chapter 1 – Introduction  
Historical Perspective
Acoustic Measures and Terminology
Sound Production and Use in Marine Mammals
Responses to Sound
Chapter 2 – Structure of the Noise Exposure Criteria     
Sound types
Marine Mammal Functional Hearing Groups
Exposure Criteria metrics
Levels of Noise Effect: Injury and Behavioral Disturbance
Chapter 3 – Criteria for Injury: TTS and PTS         
Effects of Noise and Hearing in Mammals: TTS Data
Injury from Noise Exposure: PTS Onset Calculation
Criteria for Injury from a Single Pulse
Criteria for Injury from Multiple Pulses
Criteria for Injury from Nonpulses
Chapter 4 – Criteria for Behavioral Disturbance
Behavorial Response Data Analysis Procedures: Disturbance Criteria and Severity Scaling
Criteria for Behavioral Disturbance: Single Pulse
Behavioral Response Severity Scaling: Multiple Pulses
Behavioral Response Severity Scaling: Nonpulses
Chapter 5 – Research Recommendations 
Measurements of Anthropogenic Sound Sources and Ambient Noise
Marine Mammal Auditory Processes
Behavioral Responses of Marine Mammals to Sound
Effects of Noise Exposure on Marine Mammals to Hearing and Other Systems
Particularly Sensitive Species
Necessary Progressions of Marine Mammal Noise Exposure Criteria
Appendix A.  Acoustic Measurements and Terminology 
Appendix B.  Studies Involving Marine Mammal Behavioral Responses to Multiple Pulses 
Appendix C.  Studies Involving Marine Mammal Behavioral Responses to Nonpulses 
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