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Dear Marmamers,


I´d like to inform you about a recent development of a new research tool we
are currently using. 


Wise-Research is a joint venture of IMMRAC and Wise Mobility.

IMMRAC (Israel Marine Mammal Research & Assistance center) is an NGO
performing research on the cetacean populations inhabiting the Eastern
Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea since 1994. IMMRAC is an ACCOBAMS
scientific partner since 2004 and its academic sponsorship is through the
Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies of the University of Haifa.

Wise Mobility produces mobile distributed solutions. The focus is on
connecting the field operator with back office applications using his
handheld device/laptop. http://www.wisemobility.com.


The Wise-Research project has started in 2005 and it was field approved
after 2 years in January 2007. Since then IMMARC researchers have stopped
using papers and collect all the field data using PDA (Personal Digital
Assistants) with the dedicated software. 


The "WiseResearch" software is a generic versatile platform, suitable for
diverse research requirements. The technology used is based on Microsoft
Infrastructure #C (.net), using the Off-The-Shelf Windows Mobile Operating
system (WM5/WM6).The database is MS SQLServer2005 and SQL mobile MS for the
hand-held devise.


The hardware is off the shelf PDA with GPS and Windows Mobile Operating
system (WM5/6), such as: HP iPAQ rx5940/5710, Mitac AIRIS 620, HTC TyTN II/
Kaiser, etc.

To enable us to use the PDA in wet and harsh conditions, we use the OtterBox
1900 PDA Case. It is waterproof, crushproof and drop-proof.


The software allows the collection of standard navigational data (sea state,
swell height etc.) Observational data (group size, behavior categories,
respiration pattern, etc.) Geographic coordinates and time stamp is attached
automatically to each data. 


Why is it good for the heads of each research group? 


•      All the researchers in their group will collect similar data

•      The quality and amount of data collected in the field will grow

•      They can easily check upon the quality of data collected within their
research group immediately after the survey. 

•      The premade reports will enable them to analyze the data immediately
after the survey.  

•      They will not have to spend many hours correcting type error
frequently done while transferring the data from tape recorder/paper to the

Why is it good for the field researcher? 


•      The simplicity of collecting data with PDA will encourage the
researcher to collect more data in the field, in all weather conditions.  

•      No more transferring data from the tape-recorder or paper to the
computer after a long tiring day at the sea.

•      The time spent on transferring data can be now devoted to doing more
surveys or improving methods or analyzing the data.

More facts you need to know about wise research


•      The old Access datasets/ Excel sheets collected by the researchers
can be easily transfer to SQL.  

•      Wise Mobility can supply the hardware and will guide each new user
with the first steps with the software.

•      Step by step manual is provided with the software.


The software was presented in the ECS conference in the Netherlands.


Outcomes of the conference: 

•      Worldwide, all coastal marine mammal‘s researchers, working from
small crafts are still collecting the data in an inefficient way of using
pencil, paper pad and hand held GPS (Sarasota, Shark Bay, British Columbia…

•      There are many similar coastal researches going on, hardly any
collaborate to share data. With the Wise research software collaborating
data between neighbor research groups can be easily done. 

For more details please contact:


Aviad Scheinin


Aviad Scheinin

 <mailto:scheinin at research.haifa.ac.il> scheinin at research.haifa.ac.il

 <http://immrac.haifa.ac.il/> http://immrac.haifa.ac.il/  

Chairman, IMMRAC - Israel Marine Mammal Research & Assistance center 

Ph.D Student, Department of Maritime Civilizations, Haifa University.

The Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, Haifa University Mount Carmel,
Haifa 31905 Israel 

Home address: Tirat Shalom, P.B. 1356, Nes-Ziona 74052, Israel 

Tel 972-8-9406584 Mobile 052-3571193 Fax: 972-4-8240493 


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