[MARMAM] New publication on striped dolphin in the Adriatic Sea

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We are pleased to announce the publication of the following article in 
JMBA2-Biodiversity Records

Article title: Records and genetic diversity of striped dolphins 
(Stenella coeruleoalba) from the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea

Authors: Ana Galov, Gordan Lauc, Nela Nikolić, Zlatko Šatović, Tomislav 
Gomerčić, Martina Đuras Gomerčić, Ivna Kocijan, Branka Šeol, Hrvoje 

Abstract: The striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) is a small, 
pelagic and cosmopolitan cetacean. Though it is the most common dolphin 
species in the Mediterranean Sea, it is not considered resident in the 
Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. Fifteen striped dolphins were found 
dead in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea in the last eight years 
(1999–2007). More specimens were found in southern than in the northern 
part of the Adriatic. Analysis of twelve microsatellite loci and 
sequencing of a 882 base pair (bp) fragment of the mitochondrial DNA 
(mtDNA) control region were performed for genetic characterization. The 
mean allelic diversity (7 ±0.78) and mean expected heterozygosity (0.727 
±0.05) reveal high genetic variation. Significant deviation from 
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was observed at two loci. Sequence analysis 
of the mtDNA control region identified seven unique haplotypes with 22 
polymorphic sites in ten individuals. The haplotype diversity (0.911 
±0.077) was high, while nucleotide diversity was strikingly low (0.006 
±0.003). Results presented here support the notion of the striped 
dolphin not being resident species in Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea.

We are pleased to inform you that our article is now available online 
via the following link: 
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