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Two Workshops on Pinniped Reproductive Ultrasonography are being
sponsored in tandem by the University of Saskatchewan's Western College
of Veterinary Medicine, University of British Columbia, and the
Vancouver Aquarium with the intention of providing background knowledge
and hands-on experience for veterinarians, research scientists, and
students. Workshop I will be held May 5-7 at the University of
Saskatchewan and will review the principles of ultrasound, equipment and
operation, new techniques, and will provide demonstrations and hands-on
training with mid-size domestic species. Workshop II will convene at the
Vancouver Aquarium June 12-14 to extend that training to applications in
pinniped reproductive biology using captive Steller sea lions. As
principal instructors for the Ultrasonography Workshops, Drs. Gregg
Adams and Don Bergfelt, will review the principles of ultrasonography,
equipment and operation, and new techniques, and will provide
demonstrations and hands-on training. Company sponsors will make the
latest ultrasound equipment available to participants for use in lab
sessions. New information on reproductive physiology will be presented
with discussions of ultrasonographic imaging of nonpregnant and pregnant


The registration fee of $800 (Can$) includes enrollment in one or both
Workshops. The registration fee after April 30, 2008 will increase to
$1000. Note: Registration for Workshop II will be limited.


For registration and more information, contact Don Bergfelt, (e-mail:
<mailto:Bergfelt.Don at epamail.epa.gov> Bergfelt.Don at epamail.epa.gov; tel:
202-564-8472;  fax: 202-564-8483).

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