[MARMAM] Reminder: Sign up for the N-W Student Chapter Meeting, April 12th

Pamela Allen allen at zoology.ubc.ca
Sun Mar 16 10:16:28 PDT 2008

Hello all, 


This is an e-mail reminding interested students to sign up for the Northwest
Student Chapter Society for Marine Mammology (NWSSMM) Meeting that will be
held at UBC in Vancouver on April 12th and 13th.  This meeting welcomes all
students studying and interested in marine mammals.  This meeting is a great
way for us students to get to know each other, and also be introduced to the
kinds of research being conducted in the area.  The meeting will be held on
April 12th, and will consist of a full day of short talks from various
students, with an introduction and short presentation from Andrew Trites,
the director of the Marine Mammal Research Unit.  On April 13th, there is an
optional outing to the Vancouver Aquarium, so that we can better get to know
each other, and see the facilities.  


If you would like more information, please read the attached meeting
announcement, which is posted below and on the NWSSMM website
http://www.marinemammalogy.org/student/chapter.cfm?id=4&page=4.  If you
would like to attend, please fill out the registration form posted on the
NWSSMM website and return it to me at allen at zoology.ubc.ca by March 28th.
If you are a student, please consider giving a short presentation about your
research.  This meeting is very informal, and is a great place to practice
your presentation skills and convey your message.  I hope to see you all


-Pam and the students in the Marine Mammal Research Unit, UBC.  


Pamela Allen, MSc Candidate

University of British Columbia

Marine Mammal Research Unit, Fisheries Centre Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4

allen at zoology.ubc.ca 


SMM Northwest Student Chapter Meeting, Vancouver, BC, April 12-13, 2008

Please email your registration form to allen at zoology.ubc.ca by March 28,


The Northwest Student Chapter of the Society of Marine Mammalogy (NWSSMM)
meeting focuses on exchanging ideas and constructive feedback between fellow
students from the Pacific Northwest community involved in marine mammal
research. Presentations are usually 15 minutes long and can concentrate on a
research proposal, a progress report (what data you have and what is left to
be done), a rehearsal for your defense, or a summary of a summer research
project. If you don't have a presentation, you are welcome to attend, learn
about current research, provide feedback, and network with other student
researchers in our field.  Undergraduate students are more than welcome to
attend.  Regardless of the stage you are at now, you can contribute to and
benefit from this meeting!


The meeting will be held on the weekend of April 12-13 at the University of
British Columbia, Marine Mammal Research Unit in Vancouver, BC. The schedule
includes a full day of presentations on Saturday followed by an optional
group dinner somewhere local. 


On Sunday, we are planning an optional, fun outing to get another chance to
chat with students from other schools.  We are planning a breakfast out, and
then a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium to possibly see our research
facilities and the different public exhibits.  


For those of you who are not based in Vancouver, we are offering
accommodation with local students, however there are only a few spots
available.  We can also suggest some relatively cheap rooms in which to


The registration fee will be small and covers lunch and snacks for the
attendees. While the exact amount will depend on the number of people that
register, for the past three years it has been less than $20, and we expect
the same to be true again this year. 


REGISTRATION FORMS: A registration form is attached with this e-mail, and
will also be available on the NWSSMM website
(http://www.marinemammalogy.org/student/chapter.cfm?Id=4). Please fill it
out electronically and email it to Pam ( <mailto:allen at zoology.ubc.ca>
allen at zoology.ubc.ca) by March 28th. 


SIGN UP NOW: The sooner you register the better. Give yourself a deadline to
share your research and/or collaborate with your peers.  We look forward to
corresponding with you soon, and seeing you in April!


Please contact me (allen at zoology.ubc.ca) if you need clarification on
meeting details. If you have any questions about the NWSSMM, please check
out the website (http://www.marinemammalogy.org/student/chapter.cfm?id=4).  


Hope to see you there!


Pam Allen                                

MSc Student                           

Marine Mammal Research Unit

University of British Columbia 

Vancouver, BC                                    

allen at zoology.ubc.ca



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