[MARMAM] Ruggedized laptop review summary

Tom Norris thomas.f.norris at cox.net
Sun Mar 2 20:34:51 PST 2008

Hello Marmam-ers:


A few weeks ago I requested information about field experiences with
rugged-ized laptop computers and then summarized the few replies I received.
Since then I have received several more replies on this topic.  A fellow
Marmam-er (Patrick Clemens) kindly posted this information on a wiki-site
for all to view.  Here is the link:



I will not be compiling or posting additional information relating to this
topic but I understand that anyone can easily add a posting to the site. 


I hope this information is useful to our community.


-Tom Norris

 thomas.f.norris at bio-waves.net <mailto:thomas.f.norris at cox.net> 


Bio-Waves Inc.



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