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This paper has been published and is available online:
Garrigue, C.; Patenaude, N. and Marsh, H. 2008. Distribution and abundance 
of the dugong in New Caledonia, Southwest Pacific. Marine Mammal Science, 
24 (1): 81-90.

New Caledonia is at the eastern limit of the dugong’s range. In June 2003 
standardized dugong aerial survey methodology was used to estimate the 
abundance and distribution of dugongs in the coastal waters of New 
Caledonia, resulting in a population estimate of 1,814 ¡¾ SE 332. This 
represents the largest concentration of dugongs in Melanesia and one of the 
largest populations in the world, outside Australia and the Arabian region. 
Calves comprised 7.2% of the population. The observed density of dugongs 
was highest in the center and southern part of the west coast of the island 
but not significantly different from the density on the north west and 
north east. In the central west region, sightings were associated with a 
pass in the barrier reef and up to a third of the on-survey sightings were 
outside of the barrier reef. The dugong distribution we observed during 
June 2003 differs from the reported locations of historical hunts in 
several respects.

The paper is available free from:


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