[MARMAM] Aquatic Amniote Paleobiology group on facebook

Brian Beatty bbeatty at nyit.edu
Fri Jun 27 14:12:23 PDT 2008

Hello Everybody,
Several months ago I started a group on facebook for those interested in aquatic amniote paleobiology. Though this obviously includes marine mammals, I hope to also involve those that study other aquatic amniotes, such as sea turtles and fossil forms. And though focused on paleobiology, I am sure a number of people studying modern whales might be interested, and could do some good for us paleontologists as well.

Though a listserv on this topic might be useful someday, I hope that this group can be a less immediate, more casual opportunity for us all to share ideas, news, publications, and perhaps recruit students into our treasured field of science.

For those not using facebook yet, it is a "social utility site" meaning that you need to establish a page of your own. You can vary the level of restrictions to that site and the details about yourself that you put on it. 

The group can be found at:


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