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Dear all,

here are some new publications of week 21/ 2008,
which haven't been announced on MARMAM earlier AFAIK.

By clicking the following link you are guided to 
a website, where the following references are 
linked to their according journal homepages. 
There you can find abstracts and contact 

Please do not contact MARMAM, the MARMAM editors or me for reprints. Thank you.

Thanks to all of you who sent in reprints to be 
included in the weekly announcements.

Kindest Regards,
Jan Herrmann


Cooper, L.N. et al. (2008):
Hydrodynamic performance of the minke whale 
(Balaenoptera acutorostrata) flipper.
Journal of Experimental Biology 211(12): 1859-1867.

Dalton, R. (2008):
Airgun ban halts seismic tests. Whales sink plan 
for survey off the Canadian coast.
Nature 451(7174): 3.

DeStephanis, R. et al. (2008):
Diet of the social groups of long-finned pilot 
whales (Globicephala melas) in the Strait of 
Marine Biology 154(4): 603-612.

Nicol, S., A. Worby, and R. Leaper (2008):
Changes in the Antarctic sea ice ecosystem: 
potential effects on krill and baleen whales.
Marine and Freshwater Research 59(5): 361-382.

Schack, H.B., H. Malte, and P.T. Madsen (2008):
The responses of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) 
to ultrasound-emitting predators: stress, 
behavioural changes or debilitation?
Journal of Experimental Biology 211(13): 2079-2086.


Flores, H. et al. (2008):
Density of pack-ice seals and penguins in the 
western Weddell Sea in relation to ice thickness 
and ocean depth.
Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 55(8-9): 1068-1074.

Hamilton, T. et al. (2008):
137Cs and 210Po in Pacific walrus and bearded 
seal from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 56(6): 1158-1167.

Harvey, V., S.D. Côté, and M.O. Hammill (2008):
The ecology of 3-D space use in a sexually dimorphic mammal.
Ecography 31(3): 371-380.

Kjær, K.G. (2008):
Where have all the barque rigged sealers gone?
Polar Record 44(3): 265-275.

McMahon, C.R. et al. (2008):
Tracking and data-logging devices attached to 
elephant seals do not affect individual mass gain 
or survival.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 360(2): 71-77.

Salberg, A.-B., T. Haug, and K.T. Nilssen (2008):
Estimation of hooded seal (Cystophora cristata) 
pup production in the Greenland Sea pack ice 
during the 2005 whelping season.
Polar Biology 31(7): 867-878.

Tomy, G.T. et al. (2008):
Enantioselective bioaccumulation of 
hexabromocyclododecane and congener-specific 
accumulation of brominated diphenyl ethers in an 
eastern Canadian Arctic marine food web.
Environmental Science & Technology 42(10): 3634-3639.


Stavros, H.-C.W., R.K. Bonde, and P.A. Fair (2008):
Concentrations of trace elements in blood and 
skin of Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus 
Marine Pollution Bulletin 56(6): 1221-1225.

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