[MARMAM] Call for proposals on Marine mammalogy

Christopher Cederroth Christopher.Cederroth at medecine.unige.ch
Mon Jun 23 04:57:06 PDT 2008

Call for proposals on Marine mammalogy

The Swiss Cetacean Society - SCS is a non-profit organisation devoted to 
the preservation of cetaceans in their natural habitat. To favour the 
protection of cetaceans, the SCS provides logistic support such as 
material, research platforms and eco-volunteers, who are participants 
for field work on research projects. These members are highly motivated 
individuals with education and skills in the field of marine mammal 
biology. Since 1997, the SCS has participated to 7 international 
research programs, organized more than 180 scientific expeditions for an 
equivalent of more than 1’000 working days, recruiting and educating 
more than 1’000 volunteers. Projects are evaluated by the SCS scientific 
committee composed of biologists from various fields.

The SCS invites for proposals (in English only) for field-based research 
on cetacean and sirenian biology, ecology and conservation.

Scientists, conservation agencies, and any other private or public 
institution - from any nationality or regional area - involved in 
research and conservation are eligible to apply.

Typical SCS field-based projects concern, e.g.:

- Censing
- Photo-identification
- Bio-acoustic recordings
- Faeces and skin sample collection
- Assessment of anthropogenic impact on cetaceans

Please contact the SCS secretariat (scs1 at vtxnet.ch) to obtain the 
research grant application and conditions.

Deadline for submissions: the 30th of October 2008.

Swiss Cetacean Society - SCS
A concept for the protection of marine mammals
scs1 at vtxnet.ch
SCS is a non-profit NGO providing services to the marine mammal research 
and authorities

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