[MARMAM] Second call for volunteers for humpback whale work in Australia

Michael Noad mnoad at uq.edu.au
Wed Jun 18 21:55:40 PDT 2008

This is a second and final call for applications from volunteers to help
with fieldwork on the effects of noise on humpback whales from 20
September to 19 October, 2008. The work will take place during the
whales' southward migration along the Australian east coast and is
funded by the Australian Centre for Applied Marine Mammal Science
(ACAMMS). The fieldwork will take place at Peregian Beach, approximately
140km north of Brisbane. Peregian sits on the migratory corridor of the
east Australian humpback whale population of around 11,000 whales.

This will be a large, multi-disciplinary study of the passing whales
during their southward migration and include controlled exposure
experiments (CEEs), the deployment of DTAGs, the collection of
behavioural and positional data from a land station, the acoustic
recording and tracking of singers using an array of hydrophone buoys
moored offshore, and the boat-based collection of photo-IDs, biopsies
and blow mucus samples. This will provide willing volunteers with
excellent experience in a wide variety of disciplines including
acoustics, photo ID, tagging and biopsy collection.

Volunteers should be available for the entire four week study. You will
be responsible for your transport to and from Peregian Beach, but once
there, we will provide accommodation and food.

The project will suit young scientists with interests in humpback whale
behaviour, behavioural ecology, acoustics and communication.

Successful applicants will have a mature attitude towards marine mammal
research and be able to live and work constructively with others in a
team. Preference will be given to those who have a degree in biology,
marine science, or veterinary science, and who have previous relevant
marine mammal field experience

Applicants should send an email introducing themselves to Michael Noad
mnoad at uq.edu.au, Becca Dunlop r.dunlop at uq.edu.au and Melinda Rekdahl
mlrekdahl at gmail.com. The email should include an outline of why you
would like to work on this project, your qualifications and previous
experience. Please also attach a brief CV including the contact details
of two relevant referees.

Applications will be accepted until 27 June and places will be offered
soon after this to allow you time to make travel arrangements.

Michael Noad   BVSc PhD
Lecturer Veterinary Anatomy

Cetacean Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory
School of Veterinary Science
University of Queensland
St Lucia, Qld 4072, Australia

Ph. (07)3365-2088   Mob. 0416-270567
Fax. (07)3365-1255  Email mnoad at uq.edu.au

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