[MARMAM] Volunteers required for humpback whale research at Norfolk Island

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From: "Adrian Oosterman" <carmel_adrian at hotmail.com>Subject: [MARMAM] Volunteers required for humpback whale research at Norfolk IslandTo: <marmam at lists.uvic.ca>Subject: Volunteers required for humpback whale research at Norfolk IslandApplications are sought from volunteers to assist with fieldwork on cetaceans, with emphasis on humpback whales, from 23 August to 14 November, 2008. The twelve (12) week survey will take place during the 2008 southbound migration of humpback whales past Norfolk Island.Continuing on from annual surveys conducted at Norfolk Island since 2003, the 2008 program will be the most extensive to date. The majority of data shall be collected from land stations, however some vessel-based work will be conducted. Work will involve documenting numbers, position and behaviour of humpback whales, as well as data relevant to observations of other cetaceans. The survey will also entail vessel-based photo-ID, acoustics and slough skin collection.Ideally, volunteers are sought for the entire survey but those who can commit to a lesser albeit extended period will also be considered. You will be responsible for your transport to and from Norfolk Island. Accommodation and food will be provided, however, a nominal contribution to food costs will be welcomed.
Although the survey will benefit from those who possess experience with cetacean research, training will be provided to those with a genuine interest in the marine environment. Survey equipment is far from complicated, indeed those who can use binoculars and VHF hand-held two-way radios will find themselves well qualified for the task. Significantly, a mature approach to working and living with a team of dedicated researchers for an extended period is of greater consequence. One caveat though, previous surveys from Norfolk Island have shown that occasionally several days may pass with no cetaceans sighted.
Applicants should send an introductory email to Adrian Oosterman carmel_adrian at hotmail.com or Peter Garbett cetalfauna at hotmail.com
Applications will be considered as they are received but will close on 12 July. For those interested, cetacean species recorded in Norfolk Island waters by the survey team include humpback, minke and pygmy killer whales, as well as bottlenose and short-beaked common dolphins. Anecdotal and whaling records suggest additional species.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Adrian Oosterman Norfolk Island Whale Survey
PO Box 143, Scarborough, Qld 4020, AustraliaPh. +61 7 3038 8131   Mob. +61 418 984 324Email carmel_adrian at hotmail.com
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peter Garbett Norfolk Island Whale Survey
1010 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road, Carbrook, Qld 4130, AustraliaMob. +61 421 152 667Email cetalfauna at hotmail.com
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