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Andrew (“Andy”) J. Schiro passed away on 14 April 2007 at age 36, after a courageous and lengthy battle with sarcoma (a form of cancer). Andy was involved in a number of organizations involved with marine mammals including Texas A&M University’s Marine Mammal Research Program, Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and the American Cetacean Society. It is the wish of Andy’s parents, that his science library be available as a first-choice to his colleagues, and that the money go to the John R. Twiss, Jr. fund at the Society to provide grants for innovative research related to marine mammal habitat and ecosystem conservation. 
Dr. Tom Jefferson and I are responsible for the book sale. It is our sincere belief that Andy would have been proud to have made such a contribution to the Society and that his books will be enjoyed by others, as much as he enjoyed them himself. The sale itself will be handled in a similar fashion to the procedure used for the sale of Dr. John Heyning's books. One major change is that we will only be shipping to USA addresses (apologies in advance to anyone disappointed by this piece of information).
The book list is posted at the Society for Marine Mammalogy website (follow the link found at the SMM webpage):
Alternatively, for those wishing to have a direct link to the list:
We thank Drs. John Reynolds and Bill Perrin for their input and assistance, as well as Terry Odell for posting the book list to the website. If you have any questions that are unanswered after reading thru the information associated with the book list at the website, feel free to contact me directly at: dfertl at gmail.com. This is the address being used to handle the book requests and associated emails. Also, if you wish to have the book list emailed to you directly, just let me know.
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