[MARMAM] Whale entanglements in submarine cables

Carlos Alvarez carlosalvarezf at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 11:35:57 PDT 2008

Dear colleagues

I'm preparing a review of whale entanglements in submarine cables. The 
literature is scarce about this subject and my search lead me only to 
the classic Heezen 1957 paper, the Norman and Lopez 2002 NOAA report, 
and other vague references to these kinds of events (e.g. Gaskin, 1964) 
but no formal reference to more recent published or gray literature. I 
will appreciate references (old or new) to any other source and will be 
very thankful to anyone who could actually provide PDF copies of papers 
or reports about this issue. If you have investigated this problem, I 
would be very interested in hearing from you even if you haven't 
produced a report with your findings.

Please email your reply directly to Carlos Alvarez 
calvarez at okeanos-oceanides.org

Best regards

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