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Estimados Colegas, les enviamos les enviamos el formulario para la
application de becas de la CSI
La Comision

Thank you for your request for support from Cetacean Society International.
Our goal since 1980 has been to assist cetacean conservation-oriented people
and projects in developing regions, particularly graduate students. We will
consider any project that does not conflict with CSI's ethical positions.
CSI will give many small grants to help as many people as possible, rather
than give large grants to support entire projects. While CSI may now be able
to give more than US$500, consider other funding options first, tell us what
they are, and request only the minimum amount you need from CSI to fulfill
your need. There are several ways CSI can help you besides a direct grant,
such as providing useful resources, letters of support, and equipment.

READ THIS CAREFULLY: If you want help you must help CSI. CSI will consider
many grant requests between now and July 2009. It is very important for you
to comply with all our instructions and provide all the information we need.
Too many grants have been delayed because of incomplete information or email
problems. If you do not understand something in this form please ask us
about it. Please answer every question, or tell us why you cannot. Return
the entire form; do not edit out questions or this introduction. Use only
one of your email addresses for all your communications. Tell us of an
alternate person and email, someone we can reach if your email is unreliable
or you are away. Do not use earlier forms as some things have changed.
Return this entire form so we know what version you are using. Please do not
make us search for you, or delay processing your grant because of these
    - Return the *entire* form as email text or attached file to both:
rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org and bshall at csiwhalesalive.org.
    - Title your email "your last name: CSI grant request". "Last name"
means the name you use officially, often maternal for women and paternal for
men. Do not use MIME messages, cells or color graphics in your email; we are
impressed by substance, not big fonts and fancy presentations. You may
submit any other material you wish as attachments, but save your money for
the project; do not use postal mail. Please tell us if your request is
    - No grants will be approved before 20 July, unless your request is
    - For travel grants to the XIII RT in Uruguay requests will be
considered in the order received. CSI will give priority to students.
    - Except for travel grants, CSI will expect a report at the completion
of your project and the text of papers submitted for publication, by
attached file. We do not want documents sent by postal mail, because that is
too expensive for you and we prefer to file electrons, not paper.
    - You will receive an acknowledgment that your grant request has been
received. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within five days (except
during 7-24 June) please email us again.
    - CSI will not give more than one project grant and one travel grant to
any one person or project during a one-year period from 1 June to 31 May,
although there may be exceptions.

Your name, address, and CV (attach CV, non-English OK): _______________ (you
may send names and CV's of other participants if you wish, but that is not

Is this a travel grant?: Y / N____  (If yes, give the dates, location and
reason for attending.)

Project Title:_________________  (if this is a travel grant, give your
project(s) accepted for presentation or workshop participation. Include your
abstract as an attached file to your reply email form.)

An alternate contact person for emails to you, someone you know will help
CSI to reach you if you are away, or your email address does not respond:
Name, affiliation, and email address: ________________________

Project Description and Objectives: _________________

Expected scientific or conservation benefits or results: _______________

Will the project require harassing, capturing, tagging, biopsy sampling, or
any form of invasive research: Y / N? If yes please explain______________

Schedule or Timetable:______________(if this is a travel grant, dates of

What other resources have you requested funds from: _______________________

General Budget: ___________________

What is the minimum amount from CSI that you need to complete the

How did you learn that CSI may provide small grants?_______

Contact information for a reference, such as your faculty graduate advisor,
that we may ask about you and your project_____________________

Supplementary Comments (of any length you wish): ________

When do you need the funds?_______

Please carefully read the following questions about getting money to you, to
ensure that you provide us with sufficient and correct information so that
there are no complications or delays.

- If CSI provides a grant it is extremely important that we know when you
will be able to collect the funds; for example, if you will be away from
your home area tell us the dates so we do not send the funds during that
time: ______________.

- If CSI provides a grant what is the safest, fastest, and cheapest way to
get the funds to you?

(1) Do you want a money transfer using Western Union?  ___________

(2) Do you want (a) a CSI check in US$ ________ (b) a bank-certified check
in US$?

(3) Do you want a bank transfer__________? If yes, we will send you a form
with all required details.

VERY IMPORTANT RECENT CHANGE: Please note that, because of increased
security concerns, many banks, agencies and visa authorities may require a
letter from CSI confirming the purpose of this money to you. It is your
responsibility to tell us as soon as possible what to send you to meet the
requirement, including all necessary contact information. This CSI letter
will be sent as a PDF to your email address for printing.

If CSI provides a grant, and you are unable to collect sufficient funding
for your project or need, or complete your project as planned (for example,
due to illness), will you return the grant immediately to CSI?___

If CSI provides a grant, and you are unable to travel, for example because
of visa complications, will you return the grant immediately to CSI?___

If you do not receive verification from CSI within five days that we have
received your request please repeat it until we do reply. The Internet email
system is not perfect.

If you receive support from CSI will you be willing to provide a report of
your work in progress, at completion, and send to us any subsequent
publications? Will you be willing to allow CSI to publish an informal report
written by you in our "Whales Alive!" newsletter? ___________

William W. Rossiter
Cetacean Society International
P.O.Box 953, Georgetown, CT 06829 USA
ph 203-770-8615, fx 860-561-0187
rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org

Comisión Organizadora
13er Reunión de Trabajo de Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos de América
del Sur-
7o Congreso SOLAMAC
Montevideo - Uruguay
E-mail: comisionrt08 at gmail.com
Web: www.cetaceos.org.uy/congreso
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