[MARMAM] Current Delphinus population estimate, Gulf of California

William Rossiter rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org
Thu Jul 24 05:41:00 PDT 2008

Please note the inquiry is for current estimates, therefore unpublished.
Please reply directly to Hannah Robson <hannah.robson at bbc.co.uk>
Posted to MARMAM for BBC by Cetacean Society International.

Hannah Robson writes:

I'm working on a BBC Television series about different marine 
environments in which we filmed underwater in a number of locations 
around the world. For one of our films in the series we travelled to the 
Gulf of California where we encountered a large pod of common dolphin, 
which we were able to film.

I'm looking to find out what is known about population figures for 
common dolphin in this sea. Are numbers declining or increasing? Is 
there any indication that the marine protected / conservation areas are 
protecting the population.

I'm be really grateful for you any information you have.
With many thanks and all the very best
Hannah Robson
BBC Science
Room MC5D4
BBC Media Centre
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TQ
Tel: +44(0) 208 008 0535
E-mail: hannah.robson at bbc.co.uk

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