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Dear all,

here are some new publications of week 24/ 2008,
which haven't been announced on MARMAM earlier AFAIK.

By clicking the following link you are guided to 
a website, where the following references are 
linked to their according journal homepages. 
There you can find abstracts and contact 

Please do not contact MARMAM, the MARMAM editors or me for reprints. Thank you.

Thanks to all of you who sent in reprints to be 
included in the weekly announcements.

Kindest Regards,
Jan Herrmann


Akamatsu, T. et al. (2008):
Estimation of the detection probability for 
Yangtze finless porpoises (Neophocaena 
phocaenoides asiaeorientalis) with a passive 
acoustic method.
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123(6): 4403-4411.

Endo, T. et al. (2008):
Contamination levels of mercury and cadmium in 
melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) from 
a mass stranding on the Japanese coast.
Science of the Total Environment 401(1-3): 73-80.

Kinghorn, A. et al. (2008):
Teeth as biomonitors of selenium concentrations 
in tissues of beluga whales (Delphinapterus 
Science of the Total Environment 402(1): 43-50.

Rosa, C. et al. (2008):
Heavy metal and mineral concentrations and their 
relationship to histopathological findings in the 
bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus).
Science of the Total Environment 399(1-3): 165-178.

Simard, Y., N. Roy, and C. Gervaise (2008):
Passive acoustic detection and localization of 
whales: effects of shipping noise in Saguenay-St. 
Lawrence Marine Park.
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123(6): 4109-4117.


Gray, R., P. Canfield, and T. Rogers (2008):
Trace element analysis in the serum and hair of 
Antarctic leopard seal, Hydrurga leptonyx, and 
Weddell seal, Leptonychotes weddellii.
Science of the Total Environment 399(1-3): 202-215.

Jay, C.V., P.M. Outridge, and J.L. Garlich-Miller (2008):
Indication of two Pacific walrus stocks from whole tooth elemental analysis.
Polar Biology 31(8): 933-943.

Yin, X. et al. (2007):
Mercury-selenium association in antarctic seal 
hairs and animal excrements over the past 1,500 
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(3): 381-386.


Andersen, M. et al. (2008):
Movements of two Svalbard polar bears recorded 
using geographical positioning system satellite 
Polar Biology 31(8): 905-911.

Bechshøft, T.Ø. et al. (2008):
Differences in growth, size and sexual dimorphism 
in skulls of East Greenland and Svalbard polar 
bears (Ursus maritimus).
Polar Biology 31(8): 945-958.

Hermanussen, S. et al. (2008):
Flame retardants (PBDEs) in marine turtles, 
dugongs and seafood from Queensland, Australia.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 57(6-12): 409-418.

Schliebe, S. et al. (2008):
Effects of sea ice extent and food availability 
on spatial and temporal distribution of polar 
bears during the fall open-water period in the 
Southern Beaufort Sea.
Polar Biology 31(8): 999-1010.

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