[MARMAM] MARMAM and the future: "Science 2.0 for marine mammalogy"

William Rossiter rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org
Sat Jul 5 06:43:39 PDT 2008

Cetacean Society International, an advocacy organization that needs and 
uses the science communicated by MARMAM members, is always looking for 
suggestions to enhance scientific communications in keeping with the 
rapid evolution of web-based resources.

The European Cetacean Society is exploring ways to expand communications 
between members for the advancement of science, led by inspired efforts 
by the ECS web editor, Jan Willem Broekema, <jw at BROEKEMAWEB.NL> . Jan 
recently posted the following announcement to ECS-Talk, ECS's general 
discussion list. CSI hopes you find it useful.


Dear ECS members, friends, and other interested parties,

The present ECS website is already more than 15 years old. In the past 
few years more and more members have asked for interactive features such 
as discussion groups, document collaboration, chat and blog, courses. 
Due to the technology used by the present website this has not been 

Right now some friends and I are working on interactive web 2.0 based 
technologies that:

    * enhances the sharing of knowledge,
    * quickens creativity and innovation in research,
    * distributes intermediate and final lab results,
    * improves research protocols,
    * promotes questions and answers,

all within the confines of marine mammal research. See Scientific 
American for an overview of this new way of working 
<http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=science-2-point-0>. This is an 
independent service to the marine mammal research community, starting 
with the ECS members, but outside of the ECS as a society.  Many of you 
have already shown interest and none that I asked said No. Taking part 
is free.

I have set up an interactive solution for ECS members to share their 
science questions and successes within an existing science community.If 
you want to share your results, co-operate on your protocols, your 
questions, please

   1. go to *www.openwetware.org*
   2. *get yourself an account*, very simple
   3. get acquainted with the way in which a Wiki works - there are
      several tutorials
   4. *update your personal page*
   5. *create* and update *an institute page* (first draft), use the
      examples provided by openwetware
   6. go to the *GROUPS* and choose *European Cetacean Society*
   7. go to your topic page and *add your *name, *institute, topics of
      research, questions*
   8. build on from there

Remember: this is not an edited site - YOU add, change, delete the 
content. I, as web editor of the ECS, do not 'own' this site. *This 
research is yours and everybody else's*. You create the content, the 
value, the navigation, the pages and subpages. Once a few share their 
research, say on anatomy or on observational techniques (transects), 
more will follow.

Remember that the ECS was one of the first non-internet science groups 
from Europe that went online (1992). This type of collaboration, which 
we try to promote through our annual conferences, workshops and the ECS 
network, is now supported by technology in a way that also new. Again we 
could be at the forefront of collaboration, where we can share and 
improve the research on marine mammals.

Jan Willem Broekema
(here not as ECS web editor but as ECS member)
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