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Kate Sardi ksardi at neaq.org
Sat Jul 5 06:27:36 PDT 2008

See below for a Senior Biologist position that is available in the New
England Aquarium's Rescue Program.  Please forward to anyone that might
be interested and direct any questions to Kate at ksardi at neaq.org.  

Position Title: Senior Biologist
Position Location: New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston,
Reports to: Stranding Program Department Manager

The New England Aquarium (NEAq) is a non-profit organization that
responds to stranded whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea turtles.
NEAq maintains a rehabilitation hospital on site as well as a satellite
facility in Duxbury, Massachusetts. NEAq's mission is to provide rapid
response and humane care to stranded marine mammals and sea turtles and
to conduct research and education, ultimately with the intention of
releasing rehabilitated animals back to the wild.  NEAq's Rescue Program
is one of the oldest in the country, and responds to approximately 500
reports of stranded marine mammals and sea turtles annually.

Essential Job Functions:
1.	Manage marine mammal and sea turtle rehabilitation hospital
2.	Provide husbandry and care for animals collected through the
Rescue Program
3.	Administer medical therapy as prescribed by veterinarians
4.	Perform health assessments and medical procedures on stranded
animals, including restraint and immobilization
5.	Manage animal diets and medication schedules
6.	Provide coverage for 24-hour stranding "hotline" as necessary
7.	Coordinate field stranding response, including health
assessment, collection, transport and relocation of animals 
8.	Conduct post mortem exams including field necropsy of marine
mammals and sea turtles  
9.	Compile, analyze, and present stranding data at annual Northeast
Region Stranding Network conference
10.	Present information about the program through media interviews,
press conferences, and e-mail inquiries stimulated through the website
11.	Deliver public lectures about the program, marine animal natural
history, and research projects to NEAq and outside audiences
12.	Develop and update content for department website
13.	Maintain records and data bases of:
*	Daily food intake, medical condition, treatment and disposition
of hospital animals 
*	Accession and disposition of live and dead animals collected
through the Rescue Program
*	Requests for research material from outside investigators and
*	Tissue and specimen inventory
*	Medical tests and results
14.	Assist with federal reporting requirements
15.	Provide proper care and maintenance of equipment in the
facilities including scheduled maintenance of lab equipment and
construction/maintenance of life support systems
16.	Supervise and train hospital volunteers/interns in daily
husbandry activities
17.	Assist with management of field volunteer network, including
coordination of annual training workshop
18.	Assist in handling chemical and biological samples, including
waste disposal
19.	Perform other position-related duties, as assigned

Bachelor's degree in biology, marine science, or zoology is preferred
with a minimum of 5 years related experience or a CVT with a minimum of
5 years related experience.
Related experience should include a minimum of 3 years working with
marine mammals or sea turtles in a clinical setting.  Experience may be
substituted for degree. 
A valid Massachusetts driver's license is required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
*	Knowledge of animal hospital setting and husbandry procedures
*	Knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
*	Clinical experience with marine mammals and or sea turtles 
*	Previous exposure to aquariums or zoo animal medicine
*	Ability to handle and restrain large animals
*	Working knowledge of necropsy equipment and sampling protocols
*	Strong written and verbal communication skills
*	Strong leadership skills in routine and emergency situations
*	Strong organizational and time management skills 
*	Working knowledge of Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, and ACCESS software
*	Working understanding of marine life support systems and
*	Ability to work on rough terrain during inclement weather and
lift moderate weight

Physical Demands:
Applicant must be able to engage in fairly vigorous physical activity
most of the day (i.e. performing husbandry duties).  Energy and stamina
level must be appropriate for the position.  Applicant must be able to
work in extreme weather conditions and for long hours, sometimes
overnight.  Overall must be in good physical condition and be able to
lift 50 pounds.  

Typical Equipment Used:
This position utilizes a variety of animal handling (stretchers, herding
boards, kennels, cetacean transport containers, etc.), medical (needles,
syringes, blood tubes, etc.) and sampling equipment (flensing knives,
scalpels, etc.).

Please send CV or resume to Human Resources before August 11, 2008. 
Human Resources
Attn: Rescue Department
New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

The New England Aquarium is an equal opportunity employer.

Kate Sardi
Senior Biologist
Rescue and Rehabilitation Department
New England Aquarium

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